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When it comes to model making, collectors will be exposed to true-to-life vehicles that will cater to even the most passionate collectors. It will be thrilling to build your favourite models step by step, down to the tiniest of details, with highly realistic elements. The company has been providing true-to-life objects for decades. The realism of building models that look like the ones you want to travel is amazing.

Our mission is to meet the expectations of enthusiasts in search of the ultimate object that will complete their superb collection! We are aware of the power of synergy and gathering around a shared passion, and our goal is to meet the expectations of enthusiasts in search of the ultimate object that will complete their superb collection!

Model car collections come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The brand knows how to stand out by focusing on specific collections in order to please all enthusiasts. All of the biggest film hits, as well as the most iconic vehicles and other flagship modes of transportation, deliver a one-of-a-kind range.

The Dodge Charger is a fast and furious car.

Are you on the lookout for the ultimate gem to add to your collection? Dominic’s Dodge Charger R/T is ready to be added to your collection! This stunningly realistic model will transport you to the world of Fast & Furious… We also have the privilege of seeing a one-of-a-kind item with working windows, lights, trunk, and hood. This 1/8 scale model is simple to assemble and will easily fit into your set.

Collectors rip off these tiny gems at exorbitant prices because they understand their worth. Modelers can find all of the original model’s accessories, including suitcases, surfboards, and luggage racks, for a stunning level of realism! And that’s what model making is all about: learning more and more about all of our favourite models and finding things that no one else knows about.

The Ford Mustang is the American automobile.

The Ford Mustang is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and you’ll have the opportunity to design the 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT-500 in 1/8 scale using the always comprehensive and full instructions.
You’ll be lost in the one-of-a-kind world of this iconic model, which continues to inspire new models today. For fans of the brand, however, nothing can ever compare to this car’s distinctive curves.

Come on, we’ll give you a preview of what each problem has to offer… For the record, Carroll Shelby’s genius was put to good use when he produced the first famous Mustang. He was able to build a car that would appeal to enthusiasts for many years to come thanks to his experience as a race car tuner.

Benefit from our years of experience by purchasing a Ford Mustang that is truer to life, meticulously finished with unique details, and simple to assemble.

The Shelby GT-500 Ford Mustang will certainly be the crown jewel of your set!

The Jaguar E-Type is a sports car produced by Jaguar.
Are you a Jaguars supporter? Don’t worry, as a passionate expert, this emblem of luxury and strength with its inimitable style will become a fact between your fingertips.

To perfect the brand’s luxury image, authentic materials are respected:

Rubber Genuine leather Metal Molded plastic

Choose this lovely legendary Jaguar as a treat for yourself!

These collector cars will transport you to this age and enable you to explore the amazing features of this car in miniature form.

The Huracán is a Lamborghini supercar.
Beware, this is the most important Lamborghini model! Create this radio-controlled model of the Italian brand’s Huracán to have a good time. The 1/10 scale replicas provide you with a high-quality design as well as unrivalled results. You will be exposed to cutting-edge technology in a stunning, lifelike model.

  • Dual differentials and four-wheel drive
  • Belt with low friction
  • Bearings (balls)
  • Suspension geometry is adjustable.

The Ferrari is a high-performance automobile.

We’re all in the same ballpark as the Enzo Ferrari and its stunning realism. Via a 1/10th scale replica, this model incorporates all of the technology of the Formula 1.

Discovering this iconic car from a technological perspective, as you’ve never seen it before, would really astound you.

McLaren MP4/4.

Let’s go to the track with Kyosho and De Agostini’s Ayrton Senna McLaren MP4/ 4! The finishes and specifications on this 1/8 scale Altaya Formula 1 model are reminiscent of the legendary model’s perfection. It is considered, without a doubt, the most famous vehicle in Formula 1 history.

It is an exact replica of the Honda Dream CB750 FOUR. The attention to detail in the finishing touches adds to the authenticity of the piece. The lighting is practical and the elements are made of cast metal. A lovely little model that would look great in the middle of a nice range of iconic motorcycles.

Its big engine, 5-speed gearbox, and front brake disc will be just as enjoyable to put together piece by piece. This model is also fitted with speakers, allowing you to hear the Honda Dream CB750 FOUR’s signature engine roar.

It’s the perfect gift for passionate bikers, whether as a gift or as a treat for yourself!

The Harley Davidson Fat Boy

A motorcycle built by Harley Davidson.
With this fantastic Harley Davidson Fat Boy model from 1990, we remain a little more on two wheels. This 1/4 scale model can be customised to fit each individual’s preferences… finally, it looks like a real one!

Baked, rubber, chrome, and steel are all faithfully replicated materials from this fantastic motorcycle. Vintage model fans, trucks, helicopters, trains, motorcycles, and tractors will love the range! You’ve found the perfect gift for a seasoned collector with resin miniatures that are as stunning as they are original.

Concentrate on the miniatures.

The brand’s miniature models are notable for their accurate replication and optimal performance. A fantastic gift idea for sports fans!

The automobiles
Immerse yourself in the world of rallying with the legendary vehicles of Sébastien Loeb. This one-of-a-kind series pays tribute to the driver with the most championships in his career…

Another range includes vehicles that are well-known by great drivers. Sebastien Loeb is back, but so are Ogier, Meeke, Auriol, Ragnottin, McRae, and Sabi. The high-quality finishes and meticulously decorated interiors will transport you to the thrilling world of rallying!

With road transport, we move on to a different form of vehicle. Semi-trailers revolutionised the industry in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, marking the Glorious Thirties. And there are the excellent 1/43 scale models with accessories that haven’t lost any of their charm.

There are many realms devoted to fans.

The brand is distinguished by the breadth of its offerings, which are tailored to today’s collectors. There are as many sets as there are current ideas, which is why there are so many different universes.

Let’s make some space for combat tanks, which are also available in 1/43 scale. Collectors of WWII tanks will be able to adorn their magnificent windows with the most iconic tanks from the conflict. They are faithfully replicated down to the tiniest specifics, providing a level of realism that will enhance your set. You will relive crucial moments in the history of these tanks by reading the booklets.

Helmets for motorcycles
Helmets of iconic Moto GP racers can be added to motorcycle collectors’ collections.

Fantastic miniatures

The miniatures would be suitable for those who aren’t very artistic. Consider a miniature car to please yourself, a daddy collector, or another enthusiast in your life.

All of the most iconic models are proposed, with the aim of reinventing themselves day after day with new vehicles or characters. These are one-of-a-kind pieces that can be displayed alongside the most exquisite cars or figurines from the most devoted collectors on a dedicated shelf.

It’s simple to complete a set or to please someone with miniatures.