Caterpillar D11 Diecast

D11 CAT miniature


We discover that the machine is a Caterpillar D11T CD holder. The box again contains beautiful illustrations, as well as representations of the actual machine. As a bonus, we offer two separate vehicles at the same price. These vehicles are the Carrydozer and the D11T JEL Design. So, to see what’s in the box, we’re going to take a look at the JEL model, and no doubt the first thing that will come out of it will be a miniature catalog.

The instruction booklet includes simple instructions on how to summon the operator to the cabin, and there we see the operator, who has been on the upper deck. We remove a plastic template, then we take out the foam rubber, which we handle carefully so as not to damage the model below.



To do this, we first have to remove the turning structure. This can be a difficult task, as it is usually easier to remove the cabin roof than to go under the roll over structure and lift it up.
The lower part of the blade has wear plate details, which is good to see. There are also perforations on the upper surface of the blade, which shows that the manufacturer used metal to form the blade.

The large radiator grill looks good, and there is a small Cat logo in the middle. Underneath the blade, there is a lot of detail, and there are a lot of hydraulic hoses. The metal rails are well formed, and they have bolt head details and the large drive pinion which is made of plastic. In addition, there are large air filters and exhausts located on top of the engine housing, as well as many small details that give a realistic appearance.

No material is used for the black handrails. They are all metal and thin, and all surfaces have a textured look. With lights on the top, the massive roll cage provides added protection. While the details inside the cabin are pleasing to the eye, there is also a place for the Cat brand logo on the back of the seats. As for the access ladder, the plastic it’s made of and some misapplied casts would suggest a poorly maintained atmosphere, but things are more pleasant at the rear of the cabin, where there’s a textured walkway and firefighting equipment. There are many hydraulic hoses that go into the single-rod ripper assembly, and the ripper tooth has a sharp point.

By studying the differences between the two, we can conclude that large blades are clearly distinguishable, but there are also other differences, such as the frames that attach the blade and the protective covers for the blade hydraulics. When we look at the width of the tracks, as well as the fact that bulldozers have larger tracks, it is important to understand that rippers, too, have a different width. Although the functionality of the models is the same, we will compare them to each other because both the Carrydozer and the tracks seem to be able to handle even the smoothest surfaces. There is no need to specify that there are no working rollers because there are no restrictions on rolling in this area. When the large rip saw is in the front position, the rear has a very good range of motion.

You can park it higher when it is not in use, but when you want to lower it, it goes down a good distance, making it a great notching tool and almost equivalent to an offensive weapon.

An additional, but rare, feature on the current machine is the rotating access ladder, and on the model it rotates in the right way, but the ladder tilts gradually until it is slightly inclined. You get a wide movement both forward and backward, as well as an up and down tilt, and you can lift the ripper with the large blade in the up position if you only want to use the ripper. Another way to get a great workout is to bring the seat as low as possible so you can put your full body weight in it. These models also have some interesting features, such as the opening of the engine hoods, and each of them has one on the left and right sides.

The model presented in a more impressive way and it is also good to see that there are more progressive improvements in details and features. This is an impressive model of large bulldozer. These items are of exceptional quality and when combined with a nice packaging, he are really excellent.